Mexican Pickled Carrots

This Mexican-style pickled carrot recipe is great for topping tacos, tostadas and/or quesadillas or as a side to any South-of-the-border entrée. These spicy carrots are also delicious added to a bowl of soup or tossed with spring greens, feta cheese and just a drizzle of olive oil.

These Authentic Mexican Pickled Carrots are a great make-it-at-home version that are just like the ones you get at Mexican restaurants and so easy to make! #pickled #carrots #Mexican

These Mexican Pickled Carrot Sticks are the perfect antidote to a ho-hum day that’s on the verge of passing by unnoticed. They are surprisingly easy to make too, and for the next few weeks your fridge will be capable of supplying you with crispy, delicious jolts to the system any time you need it.

Authentic Mexican Pickled Carrots // Kevin Is Cooking But do go to find great, 10-hour braised brisket atop vermicelli noodles or bún, paired with fresh cucumbers and lightly pick…

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Zanahorias en escabeche translates to pickled carrots from Spanish. (Specifically zanahorias is the word for carrots and escabeche is the pickling juice.) The zanahorias are usually served as an accompaniment or condiment to Mexican dishes. Have you noticed when you buy certain brands of canned Jalapenos there are usually a few carrots and …

Recipe and Ingredients for Taqueria Style Pickled Jalapenos and Carrots. This batch will make two pint-sized jars full of pure zip. You can also double or triple the recipe if you want.

Fresh onions, cilantro, pickled onion, jalapenos, carrots and limes wedges are available to dress up your fare. Add-ons inclu…

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Tasty pickled carrots are easy to prepare and sure to please everyone, maybe even your favorite bunny!

The most memorable dish on the menu is coliflor, a gorgeous roasted-vegetable plate (cauliflower, carrots, farro) with sliced …