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1901 – 1927. As with so many children of the South in the early 1900s, Buffalo Rock Ginger Ale was born at home, in the basement of Birmingham’s Alabama Grocery Company.

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Soon after quitting sugar, Spence found Zevia’s all-natural beverages at Whole Foods. He had been making his own ginger ale a…

BRILLIANTLY REFRESHING: Zevia’s Ginger Ale will illuminate your taste buds with its blend of real ginger and citrus, our Ginger Ale has a delicious flavor with zero calories; if it’s an upset tummy or a cocktail party mixer, Ginger Ale is always refreshing

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Instructions. Make a "wort" for your ginger ale by placing 3 cups of the water, minced ginger root, sugar, molasses if needed, and salt in a saucepan and bringing to a boil.

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16/12/2016  · How to Make Ginger Ale. Even though you can look at the shelves in any supermarket and find various brands of ginger ale, making your own creates an entirely different (and remarkably better) taste. You can make a 2-liter bottle of fresh…

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU BOIL GINGER ALE (PLEASE SHARE)… final opportunity to turn up the heat by mixing a little ground ginger in with the confectioners’ sugar and adding a few …

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The drink, which originated in the mid-1700s in England, was first known as a fermented alcoholic beverage made from sugar, g…

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Ginger ale is a carbonated soft drink flavoured with ginger. It is drunk on its own or used as a mixer, often with spirit-based drinks. There are two main types of ginger ale.